Fun Facts

  • Although we view Mozart as a musical genius and of almost god-like stature, he was very earthy at times. Letters to his cousin Bäsle contained what we might call bathroom humour. Mozart maintained a lifelong obssession with bodily functions.
  • Mozart seldom had anything good to say about contemporary composers. Haydn was an exception, however.
  • In the morning when Mozart had to wake up, his father would go to the piano and begin playing a piece of music. However, Leopold would not play the whole piece through; he would play the second last chord, thus leaving the piece unresolved. Mozart would hear this and run downstairs and play the final chord. Today, this is jokingly refered to as "Mozart's Alarm Clock".
  • The 1984 film entitled Amadeus told the story of the life of Mozart. However, this film is known to be extremely historically inacurate... and highly humourous.
Amadeus (1984)
Tom Hulce stars as Mozart
Amadeus (1984)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his own early compositions inspired by Mozart.
  • He was very fond of elegant clothing.
  • Mozart made rude comments about the Archbishop of Salzburg (in private, of course). After moving to Vienna in 1781, he refused to engage in that city's musical politics.
  • Mozart enjoyed billiards and dancing. He also kept many pets: a canary, a starling, a dog, and a horse for recreational riding.